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A healing space to:
- Connect with like-minded people
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- Share your experiences
- Learn from our experienced practitioners

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What is the AEH Community?

The AEH Community is an online forum where you can join conversations as well as live meetups with other members of the AEH Community in order to share information, ask questions, learn from the practitioners and extend your network. 

The AEH Community features weekly live sessions with Cindy, Sam, and our founding members and occasionally features guest speakers. Other members may be past or present clients or individuals interested in learning more about AEH. You will have the opportunity to join online conversation threads on topics related to AEH where you can contribute your thoughts, your questions, and your experiences via text, video, audio, and even uploadable documents. You will also discover meditations, angel readings, and various tools created by our practitioners that will assist you on your journey to wellness. 

There is even a free app for your mobile phone that makes access and participation convenient and easy.

The more you contribute the more you and our community will benefit!

There is no cost or risk to your joining us.  Why not give it a try? 

Simply click on the button below and go to the registration page.  During the registration process, you will be asked to create your very own personal membership account on the AEH website.  When done you will receive an email with instructions for how to login and how to install the mobile app!

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